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W&T ELECTRONICS CO., LTD founded in 2006 year. Which is specialist in Switching Power Supply,  AC Adaptors, AC/DC Adapters, Battery Chargers, LED power supply, PD power ,Car Charger, Open Frame, CCTV power supply and Special power. it has gained ISO9001:2015 certificate , ISO14001 quality assurance for quality control and management. The product types include wall-mount , Open Frame , Desk Top , PD, Car charger, Enclosed and SMD ,Which output wattage ranges from 0.5 watts to 2500 watts. Our commitment to quality and customer service enables us to provide a wide variety of customers with reliable standard and custom-configured products that meet their performance and cost objectives

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交流稳压电源的分类及其特点: 能够提供一个稳定电压和频率的电源称交流稳定电源。目前国内多数厂家所做的工作是交流电压稳定。下面结合市场有的交流稳压电源简述其分类特点。 参数调整(谐振)型 这类稳压电源稳压的...